Womens July 2021 Retreat...Self Resilence-badassery

Womens July 2021 Retreat...Self Resilence-badassery

July's Idaho Adventure Womens Retreat outside Sun Valley, Idaho was simply put, amazing.

I got to watch women test themselves and re-write their stories from the past to lead their lives in a brave and empowered way. This was more than learning survival skills and wilderness first aid, it was about a group of women with open hearts, minds coming together as a tribe.

We learned self defense skills, outdoor survival techniques, wilderness first aid and so much more.

Being in nature gives you time to settle your mind, block out daily distractions and become present. The ladies learned so much about being still, facing fears and letting it rip in a safe space.

We have one more summer retreat August 9-10-11 2021 with a few spaces available, I higjly encourage all women from all walks of life to come. Trust me ladies, you'l never look back.





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