Upcoming Camps

Life Changing

The concious choice to avoid risk is to avoid truly living. Here you will learn that you can take care and protect yourself. You'll leave a new person"

— Jamie Bennett, Idaho

Mind Blowing

Learning this much information in only 2.5 days was life changing to say the least. If you have the chance to get to a retreat with Tara, it will change your exsistence.

— Dawn Harmon, Idaho


Thank you Tara and all the leaders that work so hard to make this all happen. Your retreats have the best interest of the clients always in mind. Its truly a unique experience.

— April Hunt, Utah

Tara Bell

In a nut shell, Tara is a lover of all thingswild and free. She is a 4th generation Wood River Valley gal that thrives in the outdoors. She is first and foremost a momma to Miss Bella Scout, a wild 6 year old that belives she is a viking. Tara's life in ski racing, hunting, world travels and being connected to people from all walks of life, had lead her to the mission and path to create Idaho Thunderbird. She belives fully that when people dive into nature and face fear, all things are possible.