We hand pick the best of the best to teach you all you need to be self reliant and resourceful. Our Team changes from camp to camp, but always expect to have the best with you out in the wilderness.


 Our Crew:

Tara Bell • NRA Certified Instructor

Owner and Founder of Idaho Thunderbird....NRA Certified, 4th generation Idaho Native, momma to Bella Scout, Collegiate Ski racer, esthetician, fashion guru, and Captain Of Fun!


Jessica Cortwright • Medicinal Godess

Where do we begin with the super-powered Jessica..her resume is her life. A Grand canyon River guide, wilderness first aid guru, welding badass, foraging, and tincture creating expert that has her own handmade line of medicinal skincare and dutch oven goddess. Her passion, laugh and love of life is infectious and we are more than proud that she's in our tribe.


Benji Hill • Survivalist adventure expert

Benji is a certified survival instructor with over 20 years in the field.He is a native of the Wood River Valley with strong roots in the mountains, rivers and the high backcountry. You will find Benji hand carving his longbow, hunting in moccasins while packing little Zoe on his back. We are very grateful and stoked to have Benji in our tribe of badasses.



Stacy Seebart • Yoga Guide

Stacy is an experienced yoga teacher, massage therapist, and educator. She has trained hundreds of yoga teachers throughout the world in places as diverse as: Norway, Japan, Canada, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Mexico and all across the United States. She served on the faculty of the Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica from 2009–2015 as a senior teacher. She has been a part of the teacher trainer faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Massachusetts for their 1000 Hour Teacher Training Program.


Diana Rathborne • Self Defense Instructor 

Rathborne Training offers a customized approach to martial arts and self defense skill development using the philosophy and developmental exercises of Kali, Jun Fan/JKD and Muay Thai.