Welcome, if you are looking for survival skill in the wild or in everyday life, you have landed exactly where you need to be.

At Idaho Thunderbird Survival we offer a variety of camps, classes and information so you can be self reliant, empowered and capable.


Survival Skills:

Shelter building, fire starting, water sourcing/purification

Wilderness First Aid:

Wound Management, hot and cold emergencies, basic splinting, wilderness improvistion.

Hunting Tracking Skills: Animal sign, tracks, nature signs, wind, weather.

Packing: a mule/horse for mountain hunts

Foraging: Plant knowledge

Firearm/modern bow training: compound bow-rifle-long range

Field Dressing an animal: From a harvest through the different ways to skin, gut and quarter an animal.

Canning: Basic canning processes

Homesteading Skills

Tree Falling: To build a shelter & for fire starting.

Packing meat: on your pack

Cooking Wild Game: Open fire and roasting.

 **All camps are different, make sure you read through the options to find out which is best for your needs**


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