We can't wait to see you all soon and take all your outdoor and survival skills to the next level. We know you MUST have questions, here are your answers!


Q: How do I get to the camp location?

A: You are responsible for getting yourself to and from our camps. We will provide with an exact location and a time to arrive. If you need help or would like to follow us in, we will arrange for that no problem.

Q: What if I don't have any experience in the outdoor world, can I still come?

A: YES! We have camps for all levels of skill and will adjust accordingly. We want everyone to learn and experience this life changing opportunity, everyone is welcome.

Q: Are women welcome?

A: Heck yes! We started these camps for women and then so many men and children were interested too. We have some coed camps, women only and working on a kids camp too.

Q: How much gear should I bring?

A: We highly encourage you to bring the gear you actually use so you get very familiar with your set up. If you need advice on what to buy, we can help you with that as well. Most camps we will have gear for sale at the end as well.

Q: Can I come alone? I seems intimidating.

A: We expect for people to feel nervous, it's part of the challenge! We guarantee you will meet amazing people and build a tribe of like minded individuals. You will be welcome with open arms in a safe and super fun environment. Please message us with any questions about this..

Q: What kind of food do you serve?

A. We LOVE great food really love to eat :) All camps serve different food, location dependent. We promise to have full bellies, lots of laughs and campfire dancin'! If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know.

You may email us at anytime with more questions.

Can't wait to meet you all, let's do this!